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Experienced in WordPress, Freddy is a prolific blogger offering you exactly what you need to boost engagement on your WordPress-based business. All posts you receive are ready to publish. Save $100s.


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WordPress Blogging

Do you need conversational blog posts that will boost engagement and social sharing? I blog regularly on a number of communities including,,, , Firmology, etc.

I spur really well in the WordPress, blogging, SEO, and content marketing fields.

Website Content

When not blogging, I create irresistible website content for clients such as Sparks Steakhouse, MKL Car Hire, SCas, Inc., etc.

And…I’m very passionate about working on your project. Oh yes, I am.

I write website content for completely new websites as well as old ones that need a new lease of life.

Might you be needing high-quality content that will help you achieve your goals?

Look no further. I am your guy.

Discover how my web content writing will attract and convert visitors into loyal clients.


The content I write for your website/blog is SEO-ready, because you have to get the traffic.

From keyword research, competitor analysis, SEO content, and web content analysis, I will help you rank higher and get relevant traffic from Google.

I got the Skills!
WordPress Blogging
Website Content
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